Alpha Capital Pushes Investing As Antidote to Bank Inertia – By Tyler Smith

"As others pull back, real estate investing offers the perfect hedge against inflation." - Tyler Smith

SHELTON, Conn. - Hartok -- By Tyler Smith
We hear experts speak on the real estate investment market all the time. Is now the time to invest? Or is it best to stand clear and wait? Opinions vary.

I believe that a property is worth what it produces in income.  Personally, I stand behind Yahoo Finance reporter Dani Romero (, who has been reporting on real estate investing now. She said – and I agree - that as mortgage rates rise, home sales (and prices) will continue the slide that began in August. That translates to lower price tags for buyers and investors; well below what we would have seen last year. These are opportunities that are happening now.

From my own perspective as founder of Alpha Capital (, I see opportunities everywhere to increase personal and institutional asset wealth. As others pull back, real estate investing offers the perfect hedge against inflation.

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We know so many people who sit on their cash by holding it in the bank.  But when you realize that inflation is running rampant at 7 to 8% percent, the real value of those dollars is going down. As measured by what it can buy in groceries, gas, building materials, housing and living expenses, people are losing a ton of money just by keeping it in the bank. Their money should be working for them.

If you buy multi-family rental units in Connecticut, the state I primarily invest in currently, you can reset lease rates as frequently as every 12 months. A unit that collected $1,000 in rent last year can increase to $1,200 or even $1,500 after renovations. So, you're raising your bottom line, your cash flow, and your net operating income. The more the property is worth, assuming rental prices will increase, your return will match or outdo the rate of inflation.

I separate out multi-family units from commercial leases, where prices are typically locked in for 3, 5 or 10 years; they can't increase year to year. But I love multi-family housing because rental housing demands will continue to go up, and there's so much room for income growth. I can't think of a better way to build wealth as we round out 2022.

Real estate is a long-term investment with a great forecasted return for investors. Now is the time.

About Alpha Capital: Alpha Capital, LLC   is a real estate investment firm founded in 2017. It partners with investors of all sizes to steadily build out real estate portfolios and maximize ROI. For additional information, visit and interact with the company on: Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram (, LinkedIn ( and YouTube (

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