Flattoast Founder Raised $250 Million For New Movie Venture and A.I. Platform

By working from the Sales already built into New Venture I didn't have to give up any Equity. Thus, created a totally new way for new Startups to Raise Capital.

NEW CANAAN, Conn. - Hartok -- Movies allow us to learn a lot about a consumer especially in the environment we create.  And every seven days there's a new set of films being released. And when you go beyond the Movie Ticket, that's where the real money is!  Our Virtual Tools will allow us to make 10 times what a movie makes at the Box Office. And when you apply a Box Office Component to Online Streaming that's when the Big Picture comes into focus!

When I was building this system, I didn't just focus on the Movie Industry, but took the time to take a part Online Streaming.  And I have to say Online Streaming is like an Endless Money Pit!  Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, Discovery Plus (HBO MAX), and Paramount Plus content is bootlegged within 2 hours or 8 hours of a movie or series being released.  With more than 10 different revenue streams built into a Movie that can offset their losses, Hollywood only uses three revenues components: Ticket, Product Placement or Subscription. But when you apply a Box Office Component to Online Streaming that's when you can unlock the value in Netflix, Hulu, Discovery Plus (HBO Max), Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Paramount Plus content.

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Streaming Released:
All the Old Knives (2022)
$105 million | Prime Video

The Adam Project (2022)          (What We Made Over a 7-Day Period.)
$160 million | Netflix

Deep Water (2022)
$189 million | Hulu

What I have learned over the last 25 years is that "Sales is the New Technology" and any company that don't have an outside source driving it sales is a company waiting to go out of business! Everything we do is based around sales. Last month soft launch gave 40 million consumers access to our Digital Network.  And without using our Global Consumer Infrastructure Network, we were able to drive these 3 movies, Sales.

When a Box Office Component is applied the right way a Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Prime Video and Paramount Plus films you can unlock the value in these company's content.  Working within a 5-week Framework, we can extract more than $300 million in sales from a Movie or Series in real time, thus allowing us to create a new revenue structure or giving Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus the means to recoup their investment before their content is bootlegged.

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When I look at Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Paramount Plus content I see more than $1.2 billion in monthly sales without infringing on any of these companies' copyrights. So yes, everything I posted on LinkedIn two months ago, has come to pass: raised $250 million, launched my new system with 40 million users, brought my A.I. System Online and I didn't have to give up any equity in this new venture stated Vince C. A. Moulterie II, Founder and Chief Lifestyle Engineer of Flattoast Lifestyle Digital Network.

Mike Johnson

Source: Flattoast

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