HARLAN DAVIS Celebrates Milestone

GREENWICH, Conn. - Hartok -- Happy Anniversary to the Payments company HARLAN DAVIS.  In February of this year, Harlan Davis celebrated 20 years of helping Merchants with their credit card processing. Harlan Davis was founded in 2004 by award winning credit card processing expert, Scott H. Wagner.  A Payments industry veteran since 1991, Wagner started Harlan Davis because he felt he could build a "better mouse trap".  After spending 13 years in the industry, Wagner knew he could build a company based on simple ideas like: Explaining how the industry works.  Always providing "wholesale" processing rates.  Ensuring all accounts were dealt with in a transparent manner.  And, like Wagner always stated, "We want our clients to process with us because they want to, not because they have to," consequently, Harlan Davis never locks its' clients into multiyear processor contracts.  Lastly, add elite support to all of that.

The folks at Harlan Davis know credit card processing is a crazy complicated world.  They realize no one even knows if what they are getting is fair!  Since 2004 Harlan Davis has been explaining how the industry works in simple terms that business owners can understand.  For all the reasons Wagner set out on his own 20 years ago, Harlan Davis has now become the Payments company in your corner!  Today, Harlan Davis, is trusted by businesses in your neighborhood, and across the country for all the reasons already laid out, and here are some other ideals Harlan Davis delivers every day:
  • NO Leasing
  • NO PCI Fees
  • NO Junk Fees
  • NO Rate Creep
  • NO Processor Contract
  • Plus $100,000 in Data Breach Protection

Have you heard the buzz about Dual Pricing accounts, where you can (basically) process at 0%?  Harlan Davis has that option as well.

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It is believed that industry attrition; how long a business stays with its' current processor, is a year and a half.  The average account at Harlan Davis has been processing with them almost 10 years - - well over 5X the industry standard!

No wonder HARLAN DAVIS is celebrating 20 years in business!

Who's in your Payments corner…HARLAN DAVIS is!

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