Honoring Mr. Carlton White, Sr: A Tribute to Eleven in Math Awareness Month

Elevating Education: Crunch Bunch Kids Pays Homage to a positive trailblazer

NEW HAVEN, Conn. & WATERBURY, Conn. - Hartok -- As Math Awareness Month unfolds, we reflect on the significance of numbers in our lives. Today, we celebrate the number eleven and pay homage to the memory of Mr. Carlton White, Sr., a dedicated advocate for children and families, who left an indelible mark on our organization and our hearts.

Mr. White was a renowned author, educator, social worker, and prolific poet who devoted his life to serving others, particularly children. His passion for empowering youth led him to collaborate with Crunch Bunch Kids on the song "The NEVELE (Eleven)," a playful yet educational tune that teaches children about the significance of this unique number, "11."

Beyond his artistic contributions, Mr. White played a pivotal role in advancing our mission at People Involved in Motivating Our Students Higher (PIMOSH). He was among the first to champion the cause, advocating for educational opportunities for all children. His unwavering dedication and boundless creativity inspired countless individuals and left an enduring legacy.

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As we remember Mr. White's extraordinary contributions, we invite you to watch the video for "Eleven" on the Crunch Bunch Kids YouTube channel. Let us honor his memory by continuing to uplift and support the next generation of learners.

Watch the Video: Eleven - Crunch Bunch Kids

Here are some facts about the number eleven mirroring the life of C. White:
  1. Prime Number:  Eleven is a prime number, meaning it is only divisible by itself and one.
  2. Numerology Significance:  In numerology, eleven is considered a master number representing intuition, spiritual insight, and enlightenment.
  3. Special Symbolism:  In many cultures, eleven is associated with luck, balance, and harmony.
  4. Clock Hands:  On an analog clock, the hands are at the 11 o'clock position twice daily, symbolizing a transitional phase.
  5. Superstition:  Some superstitions suggest seeing the number eleven is a sign of good luck or a message from the universe.
  6. Sports:  In soccer (football), the left winger traditionally wears number eleven for creativity and flair.
  7. Visual Symmetry:  The number eleven has a pleasing symmetry, with two parallel lines representing balance and harmony.
  8. Eleventh Hour:  "Eleventh hour" is often used metaphorically, indicating the last possible moment to do something or decide.


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People Involved in Motivating Our Students Higher (PIMOSH) provides educational support and resources to students in underserved communities. It strives to empower youth and foster academic success through innovative programs and partnerships with state departments of children and families, education, and local school systems.

About Crunch Bunch Kids:

Crunch Bunch Kids is a dynamic educational platform that uses music and storytelling to engage children in learning. With catchy tunes and vibrant characters, Crunch Bunch Kids inspires young learners to explore the world of education that's fun.

Patrina Reddick, MSW

Source: PIMOSH Publishing Company

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