What Happens When Canada's Border Agency Fails To Record The Information You Provide At The Border?

It Depends On What Color A Person Is. If You Are White Nothing Happen. But If You're Black, You Are Arrested & Treated Like A Criminal!

NEW CANAAN, Conn. - Hartok -- "I will be waking up from a two-year nightmare on March 22, 2022, when I leave Canada. I will finally be going home (U.S.). This nightmare started on January 7, 2020. That's when I was informed that the information I provided to Canada's Border Agent was not in their computer system. I was arrested, called the "N" word, threatened, and injured by Officer Frederic Caya ID: 14594 Unit: 115.

When I asked Officer Frederic Caya why I was being arrested, he replied: "You are being placed in front of a Judge." At no time did he or anyone else ever read me my rights or tell me why I was being removed from the residence.  Once I got to Drummondville SQ/Police Station, I was unable to walk because of the injury caused by Officer Frederic Caya ID: 14594 Unit: 115.  I was helped by another officer into the building.  After being placed in a cell I asked to see a doctor and speak with a lawyer.  This was my second time asking to speak with a lawyer.  I had asked to speak to a lawyer at the residence.

Not knowing how the legal system works in Canada, 1 hour and 30 minutes later I was informed that my information I provided to Canada's Border Agent in November 2019, was not in Canada's system, and that I was being arrested for being in the country illegally.  Officer Frederic Caya ID: 14594 Unit: 115 went on to say that once Canada's Border Agent arrived, I would be transferred into their custody and kicked out of Canada. As he was talking, I saw two officers walking by and in a clear voice I shouted that I would like to speak with a lawyer!   That is when Officer Frederic Caya ID: 14594 Unit: 115 opened the cell door and took me to a room that had a Red Phone on the wall.  As I went to pick up the phone, Officer Frederic Caya ID: 14594 Unit: 115 grabbed the phone and then dialed a number that I didn't know, and then gave me the phone.  The person on the phone asked why I was arrested. I said I didn't know, then I shared what I was just told, and before I could ask the person what their name was and job title, the person claimed having no expertise in immigration, and then hung up the phone. When I tried to call my company's lawyer that was on stand-by, I was told that I only get one phone call. I had to laugh because I knew I was dealing with a racist in training.

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Once Canada's Border Agents arrived, I thought this nightmare would be coming to an end, but racism has a way of being passed on from one agency to the next.   After being returned to the residence, my driver's license, Nexis card, social security card, health insurance card, and anything that could identify me, was confiscated. So, when Covid hit Canada, I was not able to get the Covid-19 vaccine. I tried eight different times and each time, they refused to see me.  I got turned away from 3 different hospitals (Sherbrooke, Montreal and Drummondville).  I wrote U.S. Homeland Security and Canada's Border Agency informing them how important it was to return by birth certificate and driver's license, so that I could get the Covid-19 vaccine. No one returned my email or phone calls.  I will be returning to the U.S. without being vaccinated.  I was turned away 8 times from the local clinic that was conducting the shots.

Thinking that Canada's Border Agents Mr. Louis Lessard and Mr. John Walker would be different, I brought everything they asked me to bring to the immigration interview. I brought video, audio, and sworn statements from people I interacted with, and a sworn statement from my sister who was dying from stage 4 cancer.   I placed a USB device in Mr. Louis Lessard's hands on January 9, 2020. I outlined all the evidence on the USB Device.  3 video clips showing me accompanying my sister to her radiation treatments. All they had to do was review the material and I would have been there by my sister's side when she passed away.  But Border Agent Mr. Louis Lessard placed the USB Device on the desk and then took out his cell phone and said he couldn't review the material on the USB Device because his cell phone didn't have a USB Port.  Again, I had to laugh.

No one ever read me my rights or informed me that I had the right to have a lawyer present during my interview. Mr. Louis Lessard left the room and a few minutes later Mr. John Walker entered. I knew instantly they had already found me guilty, without reviewing anything I tried to give them. So, I told Mr. John Walker that his partner gave me the wrong documents. Mr. John Walker then asked to see the documents and that is when I placed the statements directly in his hands.  Every sworn statement showed that I was in the U.S.; thus, making it impossible for me to be in two places at the same time. The look on Mr. Walker's face said it all. The last thing he wanted was evidence. After reviewing 6 different sworn statements, he gave all the documents back to me without making them a part of the record. About a minute later, they both came back into the room.  I didn't allow them to say anything before I told Mr. Louis Lessard "You are about to find me guilty of a crime without reviewing any evidence."  The Video clearly shows Mr. Louis Lessard asking "What evidence?" And as I leaned over to give Mr. Louis Lessard the same documents I gave Mr. John Walker, he stopped Mr. Louis Lessard from taking them and rushed him out of the room.

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The reason why I decided to broadcast my interview is because of the comments officer Frederic Caya made on January 7, 2020.  He came to my cell, like a kid in a candy store, smiling and cheerful, wanting to tell me that Canada's Border Agent was on their way, and I would be transferred to their custody. I smiled because I have been coming to Canada for more than 16 years to see my kids. But with hate in his eyes, he told me what was about to happen. He said: "No matter what you say, what you do, or evidence you produce, you will be found guilty and kicked out of Canada." And I took him at his word." stated VCAM, a Senior Member of Moviegazoo Executive Team.

"After reviewing the videos of VCAM arrest and immigration interview, we asked him to share his truth.  And the report by Canada Border Agent Mr. John Walker, that stated no evidence was presented, that made us laugh. Moviegazoo Executive Team stand by every word in this Press Release." said Joanne G. Whaley, CEO of Moviegazoo.

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